The 7 process-relevant properties of paper and applications of emco products and solutions

The 7 process-relevant characteristics of paper

7 process-relevant properties (PrE) of paper have been identified, which are not yet included in the paper specification, but which are important for all types of paper in the processes of processing and use. All these physical properties change with the moisture content of the paper fibres (IMPS 2006, Beltz, Dr Glöckner (KBA)).

7 printing process relevant properties (DrE) were introduced and it was shown that there is no correlation between printing problem and one or a group of specified paper properties (IMPS 2007, Beltz, Dr. Meder (Mohn Media)).


The recipe determines the interface chemistry of the surface and is also understood as a further chemical process-relevant property.

  1. Topography
  2. Compressibility
  3. Dynamic of capillarity
  4. Dynamic of absorbency
  5. Colour / Whiteness
  6. Elastic modulus
  7. Equilibrium moisture

Applications of emco products and solutions

emco GmbH offers a wide range of paper measuring technology for various applications.