Measurement Service

Examining service: Costumer specific measurements

We offer the performance of order measurements in our own laboratory.
With the emco paper testing devices, a reliable statement can be made about the properties of your papers. In addition, this allows us to determine whether the test device in question is suitable for you or your customers.
Simply send us your material samples – we will carry out test measurements for you and provide you with the measurement results in the form of a report. We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

Consulting and support for problem analysis

emco is not just the producer and developer of unique, innovative measuring technologies. It has a specific competence for the application of these measuring applications. 

This unique know how which we want to provide you in form of consulting service (especially for producer, supplier, user, processors of paper, cardboard and carton).

Problem solving and complain consulting

By the thirty-year-old practice in the worldwide application of the innovative emco DPM-measuring method and in combination with other measurement procedures emco has extensive experiences for the examination of phenomena, the problem solution and the objective complaint handling.

Since the ultrasound transmission measuring is the only measuring method which shows the dynamic of the interaction of a material in contact with a liquid, the problems caused by it can be cleared exactly, fast and reliably. Especially the evaluation of traditionally specified material characteristics for example thickness, smoothness, porosity, Cobb value and wetting angle etc. does not lead to any conclusive result.



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