emco IAS Missing Dots Tester

Missing dots are skips of halftone areas in the halftone printing.


  • Measuring surface 10 mm x 10 mm
  • Measurement within seconds
  • The printing raster is detected automatically

Missing Dots quantities

  • Number of missing dots per 100 mm²
  • Percentage press-point-missing-area according to a “perfect” halftone printing field
  • Contrast between printing colors and paper background


  • Quality control for printing process

Technical data

Measuring field

10 mm x 10 mm

Dimensions (HxBxT)

480 mm x 360 mm x 440 mm


11 kg

Scope of supply

device with camera and illumination unit, power supply unit with mains plug, calibration strip, certificate, software, USB-Dongle, PC-ware on request

Product information

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