emco MSS Multi Sample Slitter

The new generation of emco MSS Multi Sample Slitter offers effective solutions to cut automated exact dimensioned sample stripes from sheared stripes for standardized test methods as well as for test automates. It is suitable for the fast and definite producing of sample stripes for a standard testing of papers and films. The exact sample preparation of the sample cutter has an essential influence to each of the standard test methods.

The emcoMSS Multi Sample Slitter allows the fast production of standardized sample stripes by precision cutting on both sides.

The strip width from 10 mm and the number of stripes are adjustable at the factory according to the costumer wishes.


  • Automated precision cutting on both sides for exact sample stripes in 4 seconds
  • Strip width from 10 mm and the number of stripes are adjustable at the factory according to costumer wishes
  • Default setting for emco measurement devices:
    f.e. 7 stripes in 4 seconds, 6 stripes 15 mm / 1 stripe 50 mm
  • Strip length: up to 500 mm
  • Tempered round blades are self-sharping
  • Paper weight: 40…200 g/m2
  • Operation by foot pedal


  • Paper
  • Foils

Suited for measurements with the emco IBT Internal Bond Tester as well as emco NDT Wet Expansion Tester.

Technical data

Strip width

10 mm, number of strips factory side adjustable

Number of stripes

variable, factory adjustable (standard 7 pieces)

Standard settings

7 strips  4 seconds, 4 x 15 mm, 2 x 50 mm, 1 x 25.4 mm

Strip length

up to 500 mm

Paper sheet

adjustable; designed for A4 lengthwise, A4 crosswise

Basic weight

40 … 300 g/m²

Operated by

foot pedal

Power supply

External power supply 24 VDC 100 W

IP code

Basic unit Safety extra-low voltage; IP10

Dimension (HxWxD)

510 mm x 220 mm x 610 mm


20 kg

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