emco Internal Bond Pendulum Check Test set for Internal Bond Tester

The emco Internal Bond Pendulum Check is used to test Internal Bond test devices. It is a test of the pendulum.

The functionality of Internal Bond Test devices is checked using standardised test specimens from emco GmbH.

Norms / standards Internal Bond


  • Test case with 10 standardised test specimens for different measuring ranges
  • Measuring range: Scott Bond low, Scott Bond high; emco IBT MB1, emco IBT MB2
  • Cylindrical, precisely manufactured test specimens (±0.3 g)
  • Easy installation of the test set
  • Enclosed fitting plates allow adaptation to different constructions
  • Determination of mean value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation


  • For testing pendulum impact testers
  • Ideal supplement to interlaboratory tests

Technical data

Measuring range

Scott Bond low, Scott Bond high; emco IBT MB1, emco IBT MB2

Number of test specimens

10 pieces


360 mm x 310 mm x 110 mm


approx. 4 kg

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