emco DDPM Dynamic Expansion Module

emco DDPM is a modular accessory for the emco DPM for highly dynamic measurement of expansion or shrinkage during liquid contact on both sides.

The expansion module realizes a dynamic measuring principle for determining the dynamic of the expansion and shrinkage of paper. Testing the expansion of a paper is only relevant for assessing in the converting and application process as well as the use if a dynamic measurement method is applied.

Expansion and shrinkage of paper under the influence of liquids are the result of changes in the water content of the fiber wall. Paper fibers swell less in the machine direction (MD) than in the cross direction (CD). The measurement is carried out under freely adjustable pretension. This makes it possible to adapt the pretension to the type of paper and its use.


  • Measurement with two-sided or one-sided liquid contact of the sample
  • Measurement with millisecond resolution over user defined test cycle times
  • Simultaneous measurement of expansion and ultrasonic transmission
  • Measuring of the dynamic of the expansion (%) under low, variable prestressing
  • Compatible with emco DPM accessories (cell inserts for special liquids, heating)
  • Interface to PC (COM) and software for data presentation
  • Variable dimension of sample (effective measuring area: max. 50 x 50 mm)


  • Together with emco DPM for the first time a standardized measurement method for characterizing the dynamic behavior of paper simultaneous of ultrasonic transmission and expansion
  • Direct determination of expansion in contact with liquids (water, glue, coating colour, …)
  • Research & development and quality control for: Decor paper, poster paper, wallpaper, speciality papers and all papers in further processing

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