emco GmbH - Knowing paper better

emco GmbH develops test and measurement equipment for paper. For more than 30 years, emco has been an innovator in the field of process-relevant paper testing.

Our aim is to offer our customers precise and reliable measurement solutions that help them to optimise their work processes and improve the quality of their products.

Through intensive cooperation with paper processors all over the world, the 7 process-relevant characteristics of paper have been discovered during the clarification of complaints and phenomena. Practical measuring technologies were developed and introduced for each characteristic.

In addition to standard testing equipment, emco offers optical systems for determining paper topography, a compact paper testing machine, measuring instruments for determining paper moisture and moisture of recycled paper, dynamic penetration measurement for investigating the interaction of liquid and paper.

Facts about the company

  • Family-run since 1992
  • Manufacture, development and production
  • Worldwide distribution of the emco product range
  • Sales partners in 18 countries on 5 continents

Milestones of the emco history



  • Company Anniversary: 30 years emco GmbH


  • Generational change: Franziska Beltz becomes the new Managing Director of emco GmbH
  • Launching of the pulp moisture meter emco CMM
  • Launching of the emco LMM moisture meter for loose recycled paper



  • Launching of Single Paper Sheet Moisture Analyzer for paper PMSA
  • Development and production of the emco PZS – cutting machine for the fast production of test strips


  • Company Anniversary: 25 years emco GmbH


  • Launching of measuring range extension MB4 of Internal Bond Tester emco IBT for extreme internal bond strength


  • Launching of the new device generation of ultrasonic transmission emco DPM66
  • Development and launching of the innovation marks i. a. on decor paper as a module for the emco IAS based on the original algorithms of Dr. Praast


  • Launching of the air conditioned, automated paper testing emco PPA decor climate
  • Scientific basics for multispectral paper analysis emco MSA (2011-2014)
  • Launching of the automated determination of recovered paper as part of Recovered paper management system emco AP 500-M5 solution


  • Development and launching of the innovation greasy appearance/ calander mottling as a module for the emco IAS


  • Company Anniversary: 20 years emco GmbH


  • Development of an automatic feature for the determination of the moisture hysteresis of paper (2010 – 2011)
  • Pilot implementation of the paper management emco PMM in printhouses


  • Beginning of the launch of measurement technologies and services concerning the paper characteristics of processing


  • Company Anniversary: 15 years emco GmbH
  • Discovery and formulation of the seven paper characteristics for processing
  • Development of the paper testing instrument emco PPA print with the automated 3D surface topography and NIR measurement as a result of the use of the competence of GFMesstechnik GmbH Teltow, Bruker Optik GmbH Ettlingen and PTS Heidenau


  • Beginning of the cooperation with GFMesstechnik GmbH with the aim to automate the patented 3D surface topography measurement of paper (light fringe projection)
  • Development of applications, emco 3D-paper


  • The first references for the Web Tension Control System emco BSM are installed
  • emco and the PTS cooperate in the field of the picture evaluation and become the world’s biggest complete supplier of picture evaluation applications of paper
  • Beginning of the cooperation with Bruker Optik GmbH with the aim to automate the NIR measurement of paper


  • A revolution in the printing press will trigger the Web Tension Control System emco BSM introduced by emco at the DRUPA. It allows an optimal control of the web tensions for a paper in the printing process – based on the life work of Dr. Erhard Glöckner (formerly KBA Würzburg)



  • Overtaking of the division paper test technology (APPS, IBT, GPR, DSP, NDT, TSS) from the company Roschiwal and Partner systematically extension


  • Opening of the electronic thickness measuring in the range to 5 mm as a battery operated hand-held gauge
  • Establishing of the calibrated absolute ultrasound transmission measuring in dB at the emco DPM and new software emco Viewer


  • Launching of the dynamic expansion measuring emco DDPM as an extension of the emco DPM to the complex characterization of the dynamic behavior of paper
  • Simultaneous measuring of the dynamics of ultrasound and tension


  • Beginning of the cooperation with Dr. Praast for the exclusive sale of the picture evaluation systems emco IAS developed by him
  • Beginning of the cooperation with Schaller Messtechnik GmbH Ludersdorf for the development and the worldwide sale of moisture measuring systems as hand-held gauges, transmitters and online measuring for the nondestructive determination of the moisture in paper, cardboard and carton as an alternative to the infrared and microwaves-measuring systems


  • Full-automatic version emco DPM30 with new software emco DPM

July 1992

  • Foundation of the company emco Elektronische Meß- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH
  • Fundamental idea: ultrasound-transmission measuring
  • Development of the first measurement instrument series



Of course, you are also welcome to visit us.
This is how you find us!

  • Autobahn A14, exit: Leipzig-Nordost direction: Eilenburg/Taucha
  • Turn left into Torgauer Straße, direction: Leipzig-Zentrum
  • After 700 m turn left into Portitzer Allee
  • At the second traffic lights turn right into Heisenbergstraße
  • At the next traffic lights turn left into Mommsenstraße and reach ‘Gewerbezentrum Leipzig-Heiterblick’
  • Building entrance is situated at the first building complex on the right hand


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