Dynamic of Capillarity

Measuring principle

  • Indirect determination of the dynamics by ultrasonic transmission measurement emcoDPM via air elimination by penetrating monopolar liquid into the cavities of the paper.
  • By sample preparation on a carrier, one-sided or two-sided liquid contact is possible.
  • Measurements with monopolar liquids, standardised n-heptane.
  • Fibrillation of the fibre wall (refining) becomes visible.

Measurements and results

  • emco1 (tStart) to emco7 (tEnd) of page 1 and 2 in the printing process-relevant period (tStart to tEnd), which is chosen according to the print technique

Significance for the printing process

  • Ink absorption
  • Ink drying
  • Ink anchorage
  • Ink construction
  • Colour impression, gloss
  • Intensity range of printing speed
  • Sideness (differences between side 1 and side 2)
  • Printing phenomena: smudging, depositing, block up, agglutinate, doubling, ghosting, hardening

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